Restaurant Menus

Vat 2 is open for breakfast from 9am Monday, then 8:30 Tuesday to Friday every week. Weekends, if the night before will allow it, you can start your day with us from 8am.

Bonus: We’ll open earlier for large breakfast bookings if you need to get your day off to a cracking start; just let us know.

Along with the classics, breakfast at Vat 2 includes dishes you won’t see anywhere else in Bunbury: Mushroom Bruschetta, Goats Cheese and Poached Egg, or for those who like something light, Some Paleo Granola with Stewed Apple and Yoghurt. And if you know you’re in need a quick shot of vitamins to get things back on track there’s our green juice or a real fruit smoothie. All these scrumptious options are available until 11am

Delightful Breakfast Range

There’s been quite a few changes at Vat 2 lately and if it’s been a while since you visited us then it’s time you stick your head in for a look. With fresh new décor, to match our new lunch and dinner menu, there isn’t a finer spot in Bunbury than our verandah bar to spend your days and evenings as the weather warms up. And lets not forget our quick and delicious Lunch Specific range either, with amazing dishes like our Spicy Fried Chicken Open Sandwich!

Amazing Lunch Specialties!!

Also, keep in mind our fantastic kids menu, available from 12pm onward every day at Vat 2!

Great Kids Menu!

At Vat 2, we’ve shifted from the traditional three courses to focus on small and share plates inspired by flavours the world over and you can order as little or as much as you like!

Maybe it’s something light before a show or you’re settling in for the evening and fancy working your way through the menu. With Chargrilled Watermelon and Prawns, Sambal and Lime Leaf, our Cauliflower Fritters, Greek Yoghurt Dressing, Rocket Salad and Pomegranate Seeds, or maybe our 300g Scotch Fillet, Soft Shell Crab, Asian Greens, Black Pepper Sauce – whatever blows your hair back, we’re here every day, any time you fancy, to do the Cha Cha on your tastebuds.

So from 12pm right through until 9pm Sunday through Thursday and 10pm Friday and Saturday feel free to come in and experience our amazing new menu full of wonderful flavours, created specifically to excite your taste buds and brighten your winter day.

Lunch and Dinner Menu

We’ve gone big on organic at Vat 2 and that’s no more evident than in our extensive drinks list that includes organic wines, beers and soft drinks. And don’t forget our premium cocktail menu- there’s a Ginger Mule or a Peruvian Vanilla Mojito here with your name on it, and if there’s something you want that’s not on the list, just ask!