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JB’s Beach Club

😍OMG😍Why go to Bali for holidays when you can have a “stay-cation” here in Bunbury? 

Vat 2 is opening beach dining on Thursdays from December 6 until the end of February. Open from 11:30 AM- 10:30 PM, they will be serving drink and food specials that are to die for!

Just make sure and book in to hold your place. Go to our reservations page and make sure and clarify in the special requests that you want to book a table for JB’s Beach Club.

Pricing & Details

Please book ahead of time by calling Vat 2 at (08) 9791 8833, emailing at vat2@vat2.com.au, or booking on our bookings page but include in the details you would like to dine in the Beach Club area.

Bookings are only $15.00 per hour hire but if you spend over that the charge, the charge is waived.